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Stream with small waterfall, surrounded by grassland and pine trees.

Watershed Restoration

Small dams can be temporary or permanent; they are constructed across a drainage ditch, swale, or channel to lower the speed of concentrated flows for a certain design range of storm events. A dam can be built from wood logs, stone, pea gravel-filled sandbags or bricks and cement. Slow runoff speeds will reduce erosion as well as gully erosion in the channel and allows the sediment to establish.

Erosion Control Structure Diagram

Small Conservation Projects—Cost Share Program

Otero SWCD has a cost share program for small conservation projects.  Any landowner addressing a natural resource concern, who can prove the ownership or lease on land within the Otero SWCD boundary and is a current Otero SWCD cooperator may apply.

Small Conservation Project Application
The image is a leaflet with wildfire prevention tips and emergency contact information for visitors to the mountains.
Otero SWCD Mountain Safety Brochure
The image contains text about outdoor safety, hazard trees, weather conditions, day hike essentials in Ott-County.
Otero SWCD Mountain Safety Brochure